Ultrafryer has been producing premium-performance gas and electric fryers since 1969. Expertly manufactured deep in the heart of Texas, every single fryer is built by our team of skilled associates using the latest manufacturing technologies. We are committed to partnering with you to create the best tasting food on the planet. When you purchase an Ultrafryer, you are investing in the food service industry’s most powerful, reliable, and cost-effective deep-frying solution. It’s user-friendly technology is guaranteed to make your life easier, too.

Join us for every delicious bite – and give it a fry!

Manufacturing The Best


When it comes to fryers, only the best will do. Ultrafryer uses the most advanced manufacturing and robotic techniques in the industry to build high quality products that drive our customers’ success year after year.


Excellence starts with innovation. The dedicated team at our San Antonio production facility is always pushing the boundaries of technology to engineer fryers that perform better, faster, and longer. When you purchase an Ultrafryer, you are investing in a product you can trust.

Ultrafryer: A Taste Of History

In 1952, George W. Church, Sr. opened the very first Church’s Chicken-To-Go in San Antonio, Texas – right across the street from the famed Alamo. 

After his dad’s passing in 1956, George W. (Bill) Church Jr. eventually took over the fledgling fast food company; however, the younger Church’s business interests took him in a different direction. As it turned out, young Church was not at all happy with the deep fryers he was using at chicken restaurant. To provide consistently great tasting chicken at an affordable price, he knew he needed more reliable fryers with a much higher production capacity. For Church, necessity was, indeed, the mother of invention.

His savory solution was to found Far West Products as a provider of top-tier equipment, supplies and facilities for the rapidly expanding Church’s restaurant business. Together, he and Far West created a revolutionary new fryer design – unlike any on the market. Harnessing the most advanced technology available, they built an electric prototype called Unitop. So innovative and productive, these fryers are still in use today.

Fast forward to 1989.

Popeye’s chicken restaurant chain purchased Church’s and Far West Products. To serve Popeye’s preference for gas cooking, Far West developed a gas fryer that was designed to maximize production, reliability and energy efficiency. In fact, the fryer was a real pioneer in the implementation of sustainable commercial cooking practices – before they were even a broad concern. The revolutionary exchanger transferred more energy into the oil as it reduced exhaust emissions into the environment.  And even today, the gas fryer’s high-capacity output and energy savings are unsurpassed. 

Popeye’s struggled in the 1990s and was purchased by Americas Favorite Chicken (AFC). In 1997, AFC chose to focus solely on making fried chicken and sold off Far West Products. The new enterprise became Ultrafryer – manufacturing industry-leading deep fryer solutions for retail food service customers. Ultrafryer continued to build on its commitment to gas-fryer innovation as the supplier of choice for Popeye’s and Church’s – generating $3 million in annual sales. As the highest production fryer in the industry today, Ultrafryer’s sales reach more than $20 million annually – due largely to its unwavering dedication to quality, performance, capacity and reliability.

In 2014, Standex International purchased Ultrafryer as is investing heavily in its future. Our vision is to continue offering the highest performing, most technologically advanced fryers to become the fryer solution leader for the food service industry. With expanded product offerings and international growth, we project sales to exceed $40 million annually over the next five years. Join us for every delicious bite!