Ultrafryer Systems “One Team, Improving Lives”

Ultrafyer has been one of the largest manufacturing companies San Antonio since 1969 We build the best fryers in the world, and we couldn’t do it without our greatest asset: our people. You could say that our identity is much like the signature cypress trees that stretch over the San Antonio riverwalk:  We gauge growth not only on the reach of our profits, but on the depth … Read more

Ultrafryer Systems Reaches Global Markets with its Manufacturing Prowess

If you enjoy what’s served up at some of the leading food concepts such as Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Dairy Queen, and Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, you can thank a local manufacturer that has quietly been powering their kitchens. As it turns out, a significant portion of the deep fryers widely used throughout the food industry are … Read more

Turning Over A New Leaf: Is Building A Green Kitchen The Right Choice?

When you think of the catch phrase, “going green,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is doing something that will benefit the environment. But as a restaurant operator whose every equipment decision affects the bottom line, you might be asking, what is a “green” restaurant, and could it be good for my business? … Read more

Choosing The Right Commercial Deep Fryer For Your Food Service Operation

It’s no secret that Americans have an ongoing love affair with any food that can be fried—which is good news for you. But if you want your brand to prosper and grow you need to know the keys to creating the ideal piece of fried chicken, french fries or fish—again, again and again. By using … Read more

Ultrafryer Systems “Fryers with Ultra High-Efficiency”

Ultrafryer Systems has earned the reputation as an industry leader when it comes to producing “ultra” high-efficiency fryers for the foodservice industry. Their high efficiency and quick recovery commercial fryers are known for producing a wide variety of great tasting products from chicken to fish to fries and everything in between. Known for excellent shortening … Read more

Deep Frying with Low Trans Fat Oils.

The right deep fryer system makes all the difference Operators in the foodservice industry are currently racing to replace their current frying shortening and oils with low trans fat alternatives. New York City, Chicago, the state of California and others have mandated the use of low trans fat products or are considering doing so. It … Read more