Deep Fryer Controllers

We offer a range of deep fryer controls that make frying easy.

How do you decide which controls are right for your frying program? First, ask a few questions; How many unique menu items will you be cooking? Who will be operating the fryer, a dedicated and experienced chef or an inexperienced associate? Do you have multiple fryers in different locations that you want to control remotely? Each of your answers will help you target the appropriate controller.

UltraStat 402 Touchscreen Controls

The technology may be complex, but the experience is user-friendly. Intuitive touchscreen controls are designed to accommodate every skill level. It’s so easy, you‘ll be on-boarding new team members in a flash without worrying about downtime or lost productivity. Our new OneTouch deep fryers add WiFi control so you can modify and monitor fryers remotely.

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  • UltraSense oil management sensor alerts the operator when oil needs changing.
  • Automatic vat protection. Prevents dry firing and low oil levels.
  • Cook at the push of a button. Simple cooking, no skill needed.
  • Program up to ten menu items.
  • Programmable stage times. Program cook times in each stage of ten stages in a cook cycle for each product key.
  • Programmable Action Alarms. The user will be able to program up to three action alarms on each product key.
  • Programmable Timing Mode. The computer will adjust the actual cook time taking into consideration the temperature variation due to load size, initial product temperature, product moisture content, and other factors.
  • Programmable Action Alarms. Program up to three action alarms on each product key.
  • Programmable Temperature Setback. Program a temperature setback to take effect whenever a fryer has not been activated for a period of time.
  • Programmable Filtration and Shortening Disposal Prompts. Program a filtration and shortening disposal prompt based on the number of product drops. These features may also be turned off if desired.
  • Melt Cycle. When the computer is on and the vat temperature is below the Melt Release Temperature, the computer will control the melting of the shortening.
  • Programmable Product Name Labels. Program button name labels from a specific product library.

UltraStat 23 Controls

Our most popular controls, the UltraStat 23 controls are easy to use, just push the menu item you want to cook and the fryer takes care of the rest.

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  • 10 Product keys to support ever changing menus
  • Fully rohs compliant
  • Larger led displays with 8 characters
  • Appliance mode front-panel selectable: gas and electric
  • Replaceable menu strip for fast menu changes
  • Replaceable menu strip with globalized symbols
  • Sck xwire wireless communications
  • Automatically monitors cook temperatures and hold times to avoid undercooked food
  • Maintains consistent oil temperature throughout cooking curve producing perfectly cooked food
  • Easy programming
  • Secure pass codes for managers

UltraStat 103 Thermostatic Controls

If you have a dedicated fry chef that knows how to dial in the perfect temperature and length of cook, the UltraStat 103 thermostatic controls are for you.

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  • Automatic vat protection to prevent dry firing.
  • Melt cycle to prevent scorching of the shortening
  • Easy-to-use dial thermostat