UltraClear & UltraClear Plus Fryer Filtration

Extending the life of your shortening will reduce food costs, increase profits, and produce better tasting food. We know that it takes more than a filter to deliver these benefits so we developed a unique Shortening Management Solution and it’s available in every one of our fryers.

In order to give you a truly effective Shortening Management System, we build fryers that include all of the following features:

  • Electronic temperature control with melt cycle
  • Safe, easy built-in fryer filtration system
  • In Depth filtration with active filter agents
  • Built-in filtration is always in place when needed
  • Dump & Pump provides quick and easy shortening polishing

How much money can you save with UltraClear filtration?

Consider the following:
Without an effective shortening management system your shortening will degrade within 3 days. The Ultrafryer shortening management will extend the life of the oil a minimum of 6 days, doubling the life of your oil and slashing the cost in half.

Portable Filtration

Ultrafryer® Systems brings you the Ultrafilter – a portable filtering machine line with the widest possible range of operator advantages.
Advanced engineering allows maximum speed and efficiency for polishing shortening. A fast flow impregnated filter envelope is used for more efficient filtration and less tub cleaning.

Our Ultrafilter features:

  • Fast Flow impregnated filter envelop for more efficient filtration
  • All stainless steel construction
  • 1/3 HP / 7.6 GPM pump/motor
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Standard wash hose and nozzle
  • Stainless steel filter scraper

Portable Filtration Specification Sheets:

FM-99 Portable Filter Machine  |  SB-150 Portable Filter Machine




Why Ultrafryer?

• Highest Food Production

• Energy Efficient by Design

• Best Tasting Food

• Safe and Easy Filtration

• Faster Cook Times

• Lowest Life Cycle Cost


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