Ultrafryer Systems has earned the reputation as an industry leader when it comes to producing “ultra” high-efficiency fryers for the foodservice industry. Their high efficiency and quick recovery commercial fryers are known for producing a wide variety of great tasting products from chicken to fish to fries and everything in between. Known for excellent shortening management, fuel savings and quick recovery times, an Ultrafryer frying system is designed to provide an excellent solution in meeting today's energy and production challenges. Selecting the easy answer usually leads to purchasing the product with the lowest price. And often these easy answers can make for costly mistakes. When all the costs to operate a restaurant fryer are taken into account, the Ultrafryer is often the least expensive choice when considering that a fryer is one of the highest revenue producing appliances in the restaurant.

A system for every frying need

The Ultrafryer fryers are designed to meet all your frying needs while providing for the maximum in energy savings. Ultrafryer is known to have raised the efficiency bar for the industry with cooking energy efficiency exceeding 60 percent for their complete line of gas fired units. An Ultrafryer’s fast recovery shortens cooking time and allows for large loads during batch cooking and reduces “drag out” by less shortening absorption. Designed with simple to use dial thermostat controls, a pilotless electronic ignition and melt cycle are standard features on every fryer to better assure accurate temperature control and limiting temperature spikes to produce quality cooked product while maintaining shortening integrity.

How do they work?

Patented PAR-3 Phased Array Heat Exchanger | High Heat & Fast Cook Times

Ultrafryer’s unique heat exchanger design was an industry first at “wringing” Btu’s out of the combustion process. As combustible gases travel through the tubes and boxes of the patented PAR-2 and PAR-3 heat exchangers, they give up heat energy to the metal. Air temperature entering the heat exchanger tubes is over 3000° F. while the exiting air (by-products of combustion) temperature is ~500° F. During this heat transfer process, the heat exchanger metal absorbs the heat 2 and efficiently transfers it to the shortening tank for the frying process. The variations in heat exchanger configurations make the Ultrafryer units real workhorses when it comes to cooking different types of products. Their high efficiency PAR-2 technology is designed for longer duration cook times, such as bone-in Chicken. The PAR-2 technology cooks the chicken perfectly throughout in the least amount of time possible and is a real mizer when it comes to energy consumption.

An important design feature of the PAR-3 heat exchanger is the strategic use of baffles in several locations. The agitator baffles are different from standard baffles found in other fryer designs, as these have multiple ports and deflectors to swirl the hot air in all directions, which increases the efficiency of the heat exchanger. The high production/ high efficiency PAR-3 is designed for the highest production possible and is a real fit for quick serve restaurants. So if you have a fast paced restaurant and you need lots of French fries really fast, the PAR-3 technology is the way to go. PAR-3 technology has proven time and again to have the fastest recovery time in the industry which also helps extend shortening life and reduces “dragout”. And in many cases, your energy savings could be as much as 60% compared to traditional fryer designs.

Better filtration with less hassle

Ultrafryer recently introduced their new UltraClear™ filtration technology which has reduced the amount of “plumbing parts” associated with oil filtration and at less cost. The unit is simply equipped with an on/off switch and incorporates easy pump removal for servicing. The UltraClear™ is available for batteries of three or more fryers.

GFEN Blue Flame award winner

The important innovations and design attributes of these “ultra” high efficiency and high production fryers compelled the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network to award Ultrafryer the 2002 Blue Flame “Product-of-the-Year” Award, proving the value of this product technology for today’s foodservice operators. For more information about how an Ultrafryer System can be a good fit for your foodservice establishment, call:

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