Ultrafyer has been one of the largest manufacturing companies San Antonio since 1969 We build the best fryers in the world, and we couldn't do it without our greatest asset: our people. You could say that our identity is much like the signature cypress trees that stretch over the San Antonio riverwalk:  We gauge growth not only on the reach of our profits, but on the depth of our roots in this community we depend on.

How do we demonstrate our commitment to the cause of improving lives? Our leadership has taken a broader view of the local workforce and developed a bold mission to cultivate talents in people who are overlooked by other companies.

For example, we were recently approached by Eric Perez, one of our quality technicians, who told us about his gifted yet autistic son, Gadge. Eric shared the heartbreaking stories of his failed attempts to help his son enter the workforce. Many companies turned Gadge down, willing to make the effort to understanding the disability or see his potential.

Our Human Resource Manager, Nadia Yancey, immediately started doing some investigation.  She reached out to Gadge’s work coach in the Vocational Rehabilitative Resource Division at the Texas Workforce. After a few interviews, it was clear that Gadge's work ethic and passion for doing the right thing would be a perfect fit for Ultrafryer’s culture.  We then developed an on-boarding and training program specifically catered to his needs. All the members of Gadge's new team were then provided with autism-awareness training and pledged to help him transition to his new job in any way they could. After only a few months on the job, Assembly Supervisor George Flores is proud to say, “Gadge is an incredible and competent young man.  His contribution to the team has been outstanding."


“The company’s moto of one band, one team, improving lives is not only sincere, but groundbreaking.  Many companies cannot look at disabilities without looking at what an individual can’t do. Ultrafryer has looked at what, an individual can do." – Eric's father

Through our many efforts to reach into the community to find folks like Gadge, Ultrafryer has built a reputation as a supportive, family-like environment that more and more employees seek out, and this in turn strengthens our company. Every day, you can hear team members sharing stories in the halls about “building resumes, one at a time."

As leaders of the company, developing great people will continue to be the key to our success, and we are all proud to be part of this journey.


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