Extend the life of cooking oil, improve the taste of fried food, and save money with UltraClear filtration systems.

Built in filtration systems

Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a built in filter system.  From our smallest stand-alone fryers to our largest battery of fryers, Ultrafryer offers the very best in filtration solutions. Ultrafryer offers oil management systems for any environment. Quickly and safely filter shortening with the virtually hands free Ultraclear Plus Filter System®. Featuring automatic vat return, UCP filtration offers the very best in shortening management systems. The oversized drain trough allows oil drain faster and eliminates clogging.

Ultraclear Filtration offers the convenience of a built in filter system with the practicality of a portable filter machine. UC filtration features the pump and motor assembly mounted to the front of the fryer. Easily accessible and user friendly, UC filtration features oil return through the wash wand.

A variety of filter envelopes allow the operator to utilize the best application for their environment. Filter powder is impregnated in our fast flow filter envelope, which comes standard with each Ultraclear of Ultraclear Plus order. Impregnated filter envelopes eliminate the need to add filter powder. Envelopes allow for fast and easy clean up.  Ultrafryer offers a variety of plain paper envelopes for those that prefer to use filter powder separately.

Ultrafryer portable filter machines are suitable for all fryers with a front drain. Simply roll the portable up to the fryer, open the drain and allow the powerful pump to safely and quickly return the filtered oil back into your fryer. Safe, fast and effective, the portable filter machine is the ideal option in many environments.