Patented Heat Exchangers

Why our patented heat exchangers are the most powerful and efficient in the world.

Stay ahead of the frying game without sacrificing food quality or taste. Our comparison tests prove that our fryers produce more product per hour than any other fryer in the industry. How do we do it? It’s all about accelerated cooking. With our patented phased-array heat exchangers, Ultrafryer delivers ultra-fast heat transfer, so shortening recovers temperature faster—even on the busiest days. The result? Food cooks more quickly and absorbs less oil. It just tastes better.


How Does It Work?

Our heat exchangers are designed to transfer more energy to the shortening, reducing energy waste out the exhaust flue. As heat enters the heat exchanger at over 1,500° F it encounters multiple barriers, baffles, turns, and boxed areas that slow down and disperse the energy evenly to the oil.

Thermal Proof

Compared to competitor fryers with exhausts temps that exceed 1,000°, our exhaust temperatures are below 500°, proving that more energy is transferred to the oil. This is why we can boast saving up to 50% in energy costs compared to our competitors. Click here to see our gas test case studies >


PAR-3 Heat Exchanger

Our patented PAR-3 phased-array heat exchanger is perfect for menu items that require higher heat and faster cooking times such as french fries, wings, onion rings, seafood, and chicken tenders.

PAR-2 Heat Exchanger

Our patented PAR-2 phased-array heat exchanger is perfect for menu items that require consistent, lower temperatures over longer periods of time, such as bone-in chicken, chicken fried steak, and other large products.

Dual Heat Exchanger

Our dual Phased Array Heat Exchanger provides a large surface area and extended path of travel for the combustible gases, ensuring fast recovery, and uniform heat distribution. This dual exchanger is paired with dual infrared burners which doubles the energy entering the exchanger which cooks faster, eliminates recovery times, and produces more product per hour than any fryer on the market. Our dual heat exchanger equipped fryers are perfect for bone-in chicken, and large-volume french fries, onion rings, tenders, wings, and seafood.

Electric Heat Exchanger

Our electric flat bar heat exchanger is a great alternative to our gas fryers when your restaurant is not equipped with gas lines. Our electric heat exchanger pack some serious cooking power and can keep up with high-volume operations.