E17-14-H Single Vat Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

Model: F-E17-14-H

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The UltraGold E17-14 commercial electric deep fryer packs the power of a large fryer in a smaller footprint but with the added benefit of using easily available electricity.

If you’re looking for customizable features, this is the commercial electric deep fryer for you. Combine up to six vats to increase production. Standard features on our battery fryers include UltraStat™ 402 touchscreen controls and your choice of UltraClear or UltraClear Plus filtration.

The UltraGold 14 series is perfect for fried sides like onion rings, french fries, chicken strips, and wings

Quick Specs F-E17-14-H

Electric operation | One 14" x 14" vat | 35-45 lb per vat | Legacy filtration

Standard Features

  • Energy Star® rated
  • UltraStat 23 computer controls
  • Legacy filtration
  • One 14" x 14" vat
  • 35-45 lb capacity per vat
  • High-efficiency flat bar heating element
  • UltraGuard™ automatic melt cycle with vat protection
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty casters with front-locking brakes
  • Drain cleaning rod and vat cleaning brush
  • Two baskets (each 16.37"L x 8"W x 6.75"D)
  • Available in 208v or 240v
  • Drain board

Available Options

  • Add up to six vats

Accessories Section


14" Splash Guards

Keep oil from splashing over the side of your fryer with these splash guards. 19 1/2" Long x 5" High, right or left hand splash guard. Sold separately.

Visit Parts Town to order your splash guards >


14" Fryer Vat Cover

This 14" fryer vat cover provides shortening and employee protection when fryers are not in use.

Visit Parts Town to order your vat cover >

Joiner Strip

Joiner Strip

Use this joiner strip to join two fryers (not necessary when purchasing fryers in a battery).

Visit Parts Town to order your joiner strip >


14" Split Basket

14" split basket. Sold separately.

Visit Parts Town to order your split basket >


14" Triple Basket

14" triple basket (three per vat). Sold separately.

Visit Parts Town to order your triple basket >

Fast Flow Filter Envelopes

Fast Flow Filter Envelopes

Our fast flow filter envelopes clean even the smallest particles in oil. Case of 30 fast flow filter envelopes 9 1/4" x 15 1/2".

Visit Parts Town to order your filters >

Fast Flow Filter Pads

Fast Flow Filter Pads

Case of 30 fast flow filter pads 17 1/2" x 19 1/2".

Visit Parts Town to order your filter pads >

Shortening Shuttle

Shortening Shuttle

70 lb capacity to dispose of shortening.

Visit Parts Town to order your shortening shuttle >


Ultra Fryer Videos

Ultrafryer Deep Fryer Overview

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UltraStat 101 Thermostat Controls

Our thermostat controls are extremely easy to use, just select the temperature and start the cook cycle.

UltraStat 23 Computer Controls

The UltraStat® 23 computer controls allow you to program up to ten menu items, then cooking is a matter of pushing a button.

Electric Heating Elements

Our electric heating elements quickly transfer energy to the frying oil virtually eliminating recovery time.

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