UltraTherm Electric Rethermalizer with 12-Button Timer

Model: REO-1620

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The UltraTherm Electric Rethermalizer REO-1620 thaws, heats, and holds frozen food packets (chubs) quickly and efficiently. It can accommodate twelve product bags at once.

In addition to a twelve-button timer, this rethermalizer features twin chrome-plated wire baskets with dividers, an automatic water fill, automatic low-water heat shut-off, and drain handle. All stainless steel construction.

Quick Specs Model: REO-1620

37.5” x 29” x 30” | Two 12” x 7.75” x 18” baskets |

Standard Features

  • 16 Gallon capacity
  • Lever action handle
  • Twin chrome plated wire baskets with dividers
  • Automatic water fill & low water heat shut off
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Open-based construction
  • Hinged access door

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