Ultrafryer electric fryers are the most powerful and efficient on the market.

We offer a wide range of sizes and options for all our commercial gas deep fryers. Select from 14”, 18”, or 20” sized vats that fit your production demands. What will you be cooking? If you are cooking bone-in chicken, you will want to go with our PAR-2 phased array heat exchanger because of its ability to keep temperatures consistent throughout the cook cycle. If you are cooking french fries, our PAR-3 exchanger has virtually no recovery time which allows you to cook batch after batch of crispy fries.

No matter what deep fryer you choose, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your Ultrafryer is going to operate smoothly for years to come.

UltraGold E17-14 Electric Fryer Series

The UltraGold™ E17-14 series deep fryers pack the power of a large fryer in a smaller footprint but with the added benefit of using easily available electricity. The UltraGold 14 series is perfect for fried sides like onion rings, french fries, chicken strips, and wings.

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UltraGold E20-18 Electric Fryer Series

The UltraGold™ 18 electric fryer occupies the middle ground: not too big or too small. With a maximum oil capacity of 110 lbs, it can keep up with even the busiest of operations. Electric operation makes installation and operation a breeze. If you’re looking for customizable features, this is the fryer for you. Combine up to six vats to increase production.

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UltraGold E20-20 Electric Fryer Series

The UltraGold P20-20 is one of the biggest and most powerful fryers on the market. It is specifically designed to cook large batches of bone-in chicken and other large items. If you are serious about producing lots of great-tasting food while saving on oil expenses and energy, look no further than the UltraGold P20-20.

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