The UltraPro 14 is a powerful gas fryer in a compact footprint. This model has a single, 14 in. vat with a 45 lb. oil capacity. It features Our UltraClear™ filtration system, which cleans shortening to increase food quality and extend oil life. Our patented PAR-3 phased-array heat exchanger is perfect for menu items that require higher heat and faster cooking times. It’s designed to direct heat through multiple baffles and turns, resulting in highly efficient transfer of energy to the oil and more even heat distribution, virtually eliminating recovery times. This system is powered by a zero-maintenance infrared burner that does not need to be replaced. The UltraGuard™ automatic melt cycle brings shortening to temperature without scorching or overheating. Our UltraSense™ oil managment system automatically indicates whether oil is ready to use or needs filtering or changing. It also detects oil levels to guard against dry firing. Intuitive touchscreen controls are so easy to use, new employees can be trained in minutes.